A Dog’s Loyalty and Your Customers

So here at Norwood Kennels we believe in learning from our four legged friends as much as we can so that not only can we become a little better at being humans but also so that we can transfer that knowledge over to make our businesses better too. When you think of your dog inevitably you will think of their unconditional loyalty. So when you are asked what’s the relationship between a dog’s loyalty and your customers most likely you are going to think that you would like your customers to have your dog’s loyalty, and then start to think of ways to make that happen. But, I’m here to tell you, while there is definitely merit in that, it is not the best approach for your business. Let me explain.

Obviously a dog is only going to be loyal if you treat them well but if you are on this site then I’m not concerned about that at all so we will just say that that is a given. And while it is common knowledge that you should treat your customers well, this will not always work to keep them loyal let alone unconditionally loyal. To be honest, in today’s fast paced, instant gratification, newer, better, faster, world…that’s unlikely to happen even if you have the best product, service, and personal relationship with your clients. Life happens and they most likely will move on. Not always, but most will eventually and that’s fine. You will of course gain more success through treating them as best as you can versus just using them for their cash, just keep that in mind.