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If there is one thing dogs are known for it’s ‘Doing Their Business’. Well, let’s talk about how frequently doing your business can actually help your business. First, we know that this is one of the many things that dogs are just good at. They don’t just use it to relieve themselves, they use it to mark their territory and to leave information for any other dogs that might come around. It’s kind of like their Instagram post.

Well, how can we benefit from this knowledge. First, if we look at the analogy of doing business…ie relieving our bodies of waste material then we can start to see how this might be helpful in our business. We all know that if feels good to get rid of that pile of papers, overdue bills, and other nagging to-do’s sitting on our desk. That is our waste material and if we let it sit too long, it builds and we feel really uncomfortable. So, relieve it often.

How does this translate into improving your ‘Bottom’ line? Pun intended. Well, let’s look at an example from a successful small business owner I know who is in Waco, TX. In fact his tree service company is the highest grossing tree trimming service Waco has ever had and if you know anything about Texas you know that they have a lot of really big trees, hence a lot of tree service companies. Needless to say, Waco is every dog’s wet dream. d

Well, my friend says his company turned around practically overnight after years of struggle. So obviously I asked him what his secret was and he said the really the only that he did was make it a point to relieve himself of the small tasks that kept building up each day. What he found out was that once these things were out of the way, he could concentrate on generating more business. He never realized that he was hesitant to go after new business because he felt like he couldn’t keep up with what was happening now. Really though, that was an illusion and when he decided to tackle all the things that kept piling up, he realized he had a lot more room to grow. He wasn’t bogged down in work, it just seemed like that because the little things that he put off, were really just little time wasters that individually didn’t take much time to accomplish.

Also, it gave him something else. Through his elimination of waste, it gave the other big dogs in the neighborhood plenty of information about who he was and what he was all about. Suddenly he started getting more business because when he talked to people he knew he could handle much more than he previously thought he could. He was confident and his prospective clients could sense it. That almost immediately led to more sales and as they say, once those sales compound, you find success.

So, the lesson here is to Do Your Business Each Day and you shall be rewarded even if its only an initial sense of relief, that in itself is enough to help improve your productivity and ultimately, your ‘Bottom Line’.

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