Do Your Business

If there is one thing dogs are known for it’s ‘Doing Their Business’. Well, let’s talk about how frequently doing your business can actually help your business. First, we know that this is one of the many things that dogs are just good at. They don’t just use it to relieve themselves, they use it to mark their territory and to leave information for any other dogs that might come around. It’s kind of like their Instagram post.

Well, how can we benefit from this knowledge. First, if we look at the analogy of doing business…ie relieving our bodies of waste material then we can start to see how this might be helpful in our business. We all know that if feels good to get rid of that pile of papers, overdue bills, and other nagging to-do’s sitting on our desk. That is our waste material and if we let it sit too long, it builds and we feel really uncomfortable. So, relieve it often.

How does this translate into improving your ‘Bottom’ line? Pun intended. Well, let’s look at an example from a successful small business owner I know who is in Waco, TX. In fact his tree service company is the highest grossing tree trimming service Waco has ever had and if you know anything about Texas you know that they have a lot of really big trees, hence a lot of tree service companies. Needless to say, Waco is every dog’s wet dream. 

Happy Days when You’re Grinding It Out

I wanted to share with you a personal story about my beloved fur-baby. She is no longer with us and if you’ve ever had the pleasure of having a dog throughout their entire life you can appreciate each good day that you are blessed to have at the end. My dog was with me for 16 wonderful years and this pic is one I took just a few months before she passed. Just like most elderly dogs, Kelani slept most of the time, had trouble walking, and was probably in pain more than I will ever know as she never complained (unless I wasn’t giving her enough bites of my chicken, her favorite meal).

Well, the lesson I want to share here has to do with the picture above. If you’re wondering why she is wearing a paper bag I’ll be getting to that shortly.